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The Official Property Entrepreneur Podcast

Oct 25, 2022

"Sunday Sanity & Top 10"


It is time for a new season, it is time for a new schedule and it's time to level up how you go about spending your time in and on your business. 


Most entrepreneurs spend their time swinging the bat, running a million miles an hour focusing on the urgent. Others work on their business in high-value activity on the important tasks first and understand how to cover all bases, enjoy the process and make sure that everything gets done when it's required. 


In this podcast, I'm going to take you through the three unique steps of the Sunday Sanity blueprint that all of our Property Entrepreneurs use, and that I've been using for a decade, and I guarantee you it will fundamentally change the way that you live your day, week, month and year in and on your property business. 


Success and failure are both very predictable. 


This is Sunday Sanity. I hope you enjoy!

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